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The new HTAi vortal: from demonstrator to working prototype

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Chalon PX, Droste S, Ormstad SS.  2012.  The new HTAi vortal: from demonstrator to working prototype. 9th HTAi Annual meeting - “HTA in Integrated Care for a Patient Centered System”. [Oral Presentation]


Background: The HTAi vortal was established in 2005 by the HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Information Resources (IRG). This Web directory lists selected online resources aimed at supporting the HTA doers’ day-to-day work. In 2010, a survey was conducted to evaluate the use and satisfaction of the clients and to prepare an evolution of the vortal.
objectives: To present the design process and resulting Website of the new HTAi vortal.

Methods: Structure and content of the current vortal were analysed and re-organised taking into account the results and proposals of the clients’ survey. A Website (demonstrator) was build and fitted with a minimal set of records for evaluation purpose.

Results: The demonstrator is a dedicated Website branded with the HTAi logo and color scheme. It is structured in four main sections: 1) Directory of HTA agencies organised by geographical areas, whith links to general Websites, but also to specific sections (projects, publications...); 2) Repertory of useful web resources on HTA (web pages, articles...) organised by categories; 3) The Information Retrieval reference tool (current IRG project); 4) Repertory of resources for career development. The demonstrator also includes a bibliography module to view and export selected references (standard formats), and offers links to PubMed and Google scholar, if possible. A subgroup of IRG members audited the demonstrator and endorsed the new design, structure, additional functionalities and scheduled content. The demonstrator was thus transformed into a prototype, filled with all existing and some new information. More information resources will be added step-by-step.

Conclusions: The IT infrastructure being in place, setting up the collaborative update process, evaluating the tool and additional functionalities (2.0 interactivity) will be done in 2012.
Implications for professionals: HTA doers will benefit of a better structured online resource that provides up-to-date and validated information relevant to their day-to-day work.