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OPAC 2.0: Opportunities, development and analysis

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Chalon P, Pretoro ED, Kohn L.  2008.  OPAC 2.0: Opportunities, development and analysis. 11th European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries. [Oral presentation]


Web 2.0 has raised new expectations from the library users : after reading a book, they wish to rate it, provide some comments or review about it and tag it for themselves or for others. They also expect to discover other interesting books thanks to the contribution of other people. Those functions, summarized under OPAC 2.0, are now provided by several Integrated Library Systems (ILS), at least partially. But, due to the slow development of some products, other paths were also explored: Content Management Systems (CMS) or specific software. CMS does provide the required functionalities like tagging and commenting. Some pioneers thus decided to develop a new Web OPAC based on CMS. Another approach was to build an OPAC that is independent from any ILS and which offers the required functionalities. In this paper, we propose to review the options available for the librarians wishing to offer Web 2.0 functionalities to their users. We also provide a synthesis of our own experience in implementing an OPAC 2.0 into our Library.