Libraries and open source software: some facts

  • Nearly 91% of respondents said that they had never experienced any downtime using open source email alternatives.
  • More than two thirds of the libraries sampled have ever replaced a commercial software system with an open source alternative.
  • Nearly 43% of the academic libraries in the sample use an open source alternative for content management software.

Ubuntu for Android: des smart perspectives!

Les blogs que je suis commencent tout doucement à relayer cette information, et je dois dire que je suis étonné de l'écho relativement faible reçu tant la chose est intéressante: Ubuntu nous prépare une version pour Android afin de transformer un SmartPhone en desktop transportable! Personnellement, j'apprécie énormément l'idée, et pas seulement en ayant en tête les SmartPhones.

An open source solution to build a library portal for public libraries of the Belgian French speaking community

Public libraries of the French speaking community of Belgium make use of different Integrated Library management Systems (ILS); and until recently, no common portal was available to find a book. This situation recently changed: a portal of pubic libraries has been launched: Samarcande (1).

Drupal for the masses... with Drupalgardens

Drupal is a now famous open source content management. Easy to install, Drupal offers all the necessary functionalities (with a very strong taxonomy system), but also a lot of extensions through third party modules.

Recently, the latest barrier to offer Drupal to the masses has disappeared: Drupalgardens allows people without hosting to create a Drupal site for free, in a couple of seconds.

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