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Drupal: stop ou encore...


Le CMS open source Drupal continue son évolution; la version 8, désormais en beta, sera bientôt la version de référence, mettant Drupal 6 à la retraite. Cette évolution régulière de versions va de pair avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités, mais aussi une tendance à l'embonpoint! Est-il temps de changer de CMS?

Libraries and open source software: some facts

  • Nearly 91% of respondents said that they had never experienced any downtime using open source email alternatives.
  • More than two thirds of the libraries sampled have ever replaced a commercial software system with an open source alternative.
  • Nearly 43% of the academic libraries in the sample use an open source alternative for content management software.

An open source solution to build a library portal for public libraries of the Belgian French speaking community

Public libraries of the French speaking community of Belgium make use of different Integrated Library management Systems (ILS); and until recently, no common portal was available to find a book. This situation recently changed: a portal of pubic libraries has been launched: Samarcande (1).

Drupal for the masses... with Drupalgardens

Drupal is a now famous open source content management. Easy to install, Drupal offers all the necessary functionalities (with a very strong taxonomy system), but also a lot of extensions through third party modules.

Recently, the latest barrier to offer Drupal to the masses has disappeared: Drupalgardens allows people without hosting to create a Drupal site for free, in a couple of seconds.

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